The Index below lists postings that contain travelogue-like narratives, with pictures and slideshows, of road-trips taken over the past 13 years. Some are presented using a multiple picture format, others use multiple page PDF collages. The original idea was to provide a travel diary through which Connie and I could share our adventures with friends and family. In the beginning I developed a site titled, “Our Travel and Entertainment Diary”. In December of 2009, this actually led to my publishing a book titled, "Our Retirement Journey - A Travelogue", that I made as a Christmas gift for close friends and family members. The book can be purchased on You can preview the book using this link … Our Retirement Journey - A Travelogue. After I started hiking in late 2010 and gathering more pictures, I decided to create this Photo Gallery site. Due to the difficulty of trying to maintain both sites, I eventually decided to merge the two by creating this category titled "Roadtrips" on this site and no longer maintain the "travelogue" site.

When I created this new "Ken's Photo Gallery" site I copied page links of the PDFs that were created by the Internet and posted them here. For these pages, I preceded each such listing with a "PDF" prefix. My goal is to eventually convert each of these "PDF" postings into a regular day-trip page with detailed trip locations and descriptions, full-sized pictures and an accompanying Slideshow. As of now I have only completed about half of these conversions.

RoadTrip Definition: Using a car or similar mode of public transportation, I define a roadtrip as an extended visit to a locale, destination or attraction that requires a minimum of one overnight stay. For classifying a destination as a roadtrip, and for the purpose of maintaining consistency in providing directions, mileage and other location information, I use the Stratosphere Tower on the Las Vegas Strip as the common “Point of Origin”.

RoadTrip Classification: Roadrips usually fall into one of two basic classifications, Natural or Man-made, although sometimes both may apply. To be included here it must be a well known or publicly recognized destination or attraction such as a national or state park, historic site, building, trailhead, conservation area, wildlife refuge or off-road pull-off with vehicle accessibility and be recognized for at least one of the following activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Birding, Rock-hounding and Photographing.

RoadTrip Categories: For the purpose of providing an index, I have attempted to organize each roadtrip first by state, then by Classification Type, then alphabetically by the page title. This is followed by the year the pictures were taken and the last time the page was updated. Lastly it lists the classification and whether there is an accompanying slideshow [SS]. 

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    Classification Type:

             Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona - 2009 - 8/12/17 - Photography
             Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - 2009 - 8/16/17  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             Grand Canyon Railway - 2009 - 09/13/17 - Photography
             Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - 2009 - 09/17/17 - Photography
             Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument - PDF - 2010 - 8/13/17  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             Wupatki National Monument - 2009 - 8/20/2017 [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             PDF - Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Walnut Canyon National Park, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Sedona, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Oatman, AZ - 2008
             PDF - Arboretum at Flagstaff, AZ - 2008
             PDF - London Bridge - Lake Havasu, AZ - 2008
             PDF - Kingman, AZ - 2005
             PDF - Petrified Forest National Park, AZ - 2003

    Classification Type:
             Lake Tahoe - California-Nevada - Various
                  Tahoe Rim Trail - Kingsbury Trailhead - 2013
                  Sand Harbor State Park - 2012
                  Spooner Lake State Park - 2012
                  Cave Rock State Park - 2012
                  Upper Truckee River Trail Hike - 2012
                  Tahoe Keys Marina Trail Hike - 2012
                  Eagle Falls: South Lake Tahoe - 2011
            Lake Tahoe Drives to Nowhere

    Classification Type:
              PDF - Silverton, Colorado - 2010

     Classification Type:
             Kyle Canyon Campground: Spring Mountain Recreation Area - 2012
             Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive - 2012
             Spring Valley State Park: Pioche - 2012
                  Spring Valley State Park - 2012
                  Pioche NV - Summary Visit Page - 2012 (Updated 2016)
                  Caliente Nevada - 2012
                  Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive - 2012
             Tonopah Nevada- 2013
             Pyramid Lake - Nixon, NV - 2006

             Tonopah Nevada- 2013
                  Historic Mitzpah Hotel - 2013
                  Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant - 2013
                  Arthur Raycraft House - 2013
             Laughlin Nevada - Visits to the Avi & Harrah's Resorts - 2011
             Reno Nevada - Visit to Bonnie & Paul - 2011

     Classification Type:

         Albuquerque, NM - Anatomy of a Balloon Ride - 2009 - 8/20/2017 [SS] - Photography
         Albuquerque, NM - 2009 Balloon Festival - 2009 - 8/20/2017 [SS] - Photography
         Petroglyph National Monument - 2003 - 8/20/2017 [SS] - Hiking-Photography

     Classification Type:
             Snow Canyon State Park- 2015
             Zion National Park- 2009  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             Bryce Canyon National Park: Bryce Canyon - 2009
             Red Canyon: Dixie National Forest - 2009
             PDF - Roadtrip - Grand Staircase & Scenic Route 12, UT - 2009