The Index below lists postings that contain travelogue-like narratives, with pictures and slideshows, of road-trips taken over the past 12 years. Some are presented using a multiple picture format, others use multiple page PDF collages. The original idea was to provide a travel diary through which Connie and I could share our adventures with friends and family. In the beginning I developed a site titled, “Our Travel and Entertainment Diary”. In December of 2009, this actually led to my publishing a book titled, "Our Retirement Journey - A Travelogue", that I made as a Christmas gift for close friends and family members. The book can be purchased on You can preview the book using this link … Our Retirement Journey - A Travelogue. After I started hiking in late 2010 and gathering more pictures, I decided to create this Photo Gallery site. Due to the difficulty of trying to maintain both sites, I eventually decided to merge the two by creating this category titled "Roadtrips". No I no longer maintain the "travelogue" site, I included some of the postings from that site here. I can now say that this time intensive task is now complete.   

RoadTrip Definition: Using a car or similar mode of public transportation, I define a roadtrip as an extended visit to a locale, destination or attraction that requires a minimum of one overnight stay. For classifying a destination as a roadtrip, and for the purpose of maintaining consistency in providing directions, mileage and other location information, I use the Stratosphere Tower on the Las Vegas Strip as the common “Point of Origin”.

RoadTrip Classification: Roadrips usually fall into one of two basic classifications, Natural or Man-made, although sometimes both may apply. To be included here it must be a well known or publicly recognized destination or attraction such as a national or state park, historic site, building, trailhead, conservation area, wildlife refuge or off-road pull-off with vehicle accessibility and be recognized for at least one of the following activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Birding, Rock-hounding and Photographing.

RoadTrip Categories: For the purpose of providing an index, I have attempted to organize each roadtrip first by state, then by Classification Type, then alphabetically by its most recognized title, followed by its location and the year in which I last visited it and updated the posting. I have provided a PDF prefix for links to those pages that were transferred from my previous Travelogue Diary site that were originally created in a PDF file format.

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    Classification Type:
             PDF - Wupatki National Park, AZ -2010
             PDF - Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ - 2010  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             PDF - Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim, AZ - 2009  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             PDF - Antelope Canyon - Page, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Walnut Canyon National Park, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Sedona, AZ - 2009
             PDF - Grand Canyon Railway - 2009
             PDF - Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - South Rim - 2009
             PDF - Oatman, AZ - 2008
             PDF - Arboretum at Flagstaff, AZ - 2008
             PDF - London Bridge - Lake Havasu, AZ - 2008
             PDF - Kingman, AZ - 2005
             PDF - Petrified Forest National Park, AZ - 2003

    Classification Type:
             Lake Tahoe - California-Nevada - Various
                  Tahoe Rim Trail - Kingsbury Trailhead - 2013
                  Sand Harbor State Park - 2012
                  Spooner Lake State Park - 2012
                  Cave Rock State Park - 2012
                  Upper Truckee River Trail Hike - 2012
                  Tahoe Keys Marina Trail Hike - 2012
                  Eagle Falls: South Lake Tahoe - 2011
            Lake Tahoe Drives to Nowhere

    Classification Type:
              PDF - Silverton, Colorado - 2010

     Classification Type:
             Kyle Canyon Campground: Spring Mountain Recreation Area - 2012
             Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive - 2012
             Spring Valley State Park: Pioche - 2012
                  Spring Valley State Park - 2012
                  Pioche NV - Summary Visit Page - 2012 (Updated 2016)
                  Caliente Nevada - 2012
                  Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive - 2012
             Tonopah Nevada- 2013
             Pyramid Lake - Nixon, NV - 2006

             Tonopah Nevada- 2013
                  Historic Mitzpah Hotel - 2013
                  Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant - 2013
                  Arthur Raycraft House - 2013
             Laughlin Nevada - Visits to the Avi & Harrah's Resorts - 2011
             Reno Nevada - Visit to Bonnie & Paul - 2011

     Classification Type:

         Albuquerque, NM - Anatomy of a Balloon Ride -2009
         Albuquerque, NM - 2009 Balloon Festival - 2009
         Petroglyph National Monument - 2003

     Classification Type:
             Snow Canyon State Park- 2015
             Zion National Park- 2009  [SS] - Hiking-Photography
             Bryce Canyon National Park: Bryce Canyon - 2009
             Red Canyon: Dixie National Forest - 2009
             PDF - Roadtrip - Grand Staircase & Scenic Route 12, UT - 2009